Episode 14 - Review of Wrestling in 1997

March 2, 2017

We discuss one fo the best years in wrestling, 1997.  The Monday Night Wars were dominated by WCW as they continued to blow WWE out of the water for the entire year. The NWO was still fresh and not overly crowded. WCW had the Cruiserweight division that changed how wrestling was presented. Sting dominated the headlines as he stalked the shows from the rafters. The slow build for Sting vs. Hogan was amazing. In the WWE, the Undertaker became the torch-bearer as he won the title at Wrestlemania and he feuded with Paul Bearer. Mick Foley stepped out of the shadows and developed into a main event star. There were 3 heel factions in the Hart Foundation, the Nation of Domination and DX. Steve Austin started to take off from Wrestlemania on and became a true force by the end of the year. There was the Montreal Screwjob and Mr. McMahon was born. Back in WCW, Bill Goldberg debuted. Bret Hart made the jump. Then WCW let Hulk Hogan do the unthinkable in the booking of Starrcade in December...it all unraveled after that.


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